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A Typical Day

A Typical Day at La Villa Bonita

We often get asked, "what is a typical day like at the villa?"  Well, every person is different but I will give you an idea of how we spend the day at the villa.  I am always the first one up and I grab my pre-made cup of coffee and head out to the ocean to do a little surf casting as the sun rises.  About an hour later I will return to the villa where Chef Monchy makes me my favorite omlet with a bagel on the side.  By this time, most of our crew is up and having breakfast.  Not rushed, but cognizant of our 8:30 am tee time, 1/2 of the crew goes to play golf while the other half walks to the private beach at the Eden Roc Beach Club.  We all meet up back at the villa where a hardy lunch is served.  We all then head back to the beach where some read, some play touch football and others sleep.  At around 6 pm we head back to the villa where we get cleaned up.  The adults enjoy a prepared cocktail hour while the kids swim in the pool.  Chef Monchy has dinner prepared for 7:30 pm where we all enjoy 

a wonderful, four-course meal.  By the way, no menus needed -- you tell Chef Monchy what you are in the mood for and he will offer up some suggestions.  He is the best Chef on the island -- bar none.  After dinner, the kids usually head to the rooms to watch a Netflix movie or play a board game while the adults put on their swim suits and recline to the hot tub to discuss, under the beautiful nighttime stars, some of the world's most immediate problems.  While this is taking place, the staff is cleaning up after dinner.  There is often a spat between hot tub partakers as to whose playlist will get chosen to be used on the JBL Xtreme speaker that is equipped in the villa.  Once each person's skin is adequately prune-like, that is usually a sign that it is time to go to bed.  Most parties retreat to their bedrooms where they can get a good night's sleep and do it all again tomorrow.  Paradise!

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