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Your villa comes with a trained, certified Executive Chef, Monchy, which is included in the price of the villa rental.  Monchy is in the villa before you awake and doesn't leave until you have finished your dinner -- and only when the kitchen is spotless.  He is there to make you 3 meals each day.  When looking back at the cost of a vacation, it is, without a doubt, eating out at restaurants that is the largest expense.  At your villa, you have the luxury of having the BEST chef in Punta Cana at your beck and call with your only cost being the cost of the groceries (he travels to/from the grocery store so you don't have to).  This amounts to a multiple course meal being enjoyed at oceanside with the soft sound of crashing waves at a cost that is 80% less than what you would spend at a restaurant.  Also, there is no rush.  You can take your time and leave the table at whatever hour you wish.  Paradise!

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