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A common question that we get asked, especially in light of the recent news regarding the Dominican Republic is, is it safe?  Please allow us to address that question here:

  • The Cap Cana resort is located in the wealthiest part of the country.  The resort is a 30,000 acre gated community that attracts some of the wealthiest people in the world.  All employees are screened and background checked and only those that pass the screening are allowed to work in the resort

  • Our employees have worked with us for 10 years and 7 years, respectively and we have never even heard of a mishap, let alone a personal event

  • The problems around the country have taken place at all-inclusive food and drink hotels which provided open container dispensers in the hotel rooms.  Our villa provides food and drink from the large, American style grocery stores and all beverages are sealed as they would be in the US and Europe.  Any unsealed beverage would be discarded by the grocery store

  • Punta Cana Village is safe, quaint and full of great, high-end shops and restaurants.  The newly built Blue Mall is downtown and contains many American restaurants

  • The Hyatt hotel chain is just finishing up two massive hotels on the resort.  Secrets has a very popular hotel on the resort.  Eden Roc is a high-end hotel chain, just to mention a few.  All of these these companies wouldn't invest in Cap Cana if it weren't safe and would be quick to nip problems in the bud as they arise

  • Our villa has been frequented by numerous celebrities and their families -- that would not be the case if the area were not safe

  • Tourism has doubled in the last 5 years to the Dominican Republic.  Statistics show that the death rate in the Dominican Republic (even better in exclusive Punta Cana) has plunged over the last 20 years.  See statistics.

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